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Cloud Payroll and Pension Solution

Payroo offers a cloud based Payroll and Workplace pension combined system allowing you to complete your weekly, monthly or other pay frequency pay runs and AE from anywhere on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart phone.

This simple to learn and use intuitive driven system has been recognised by HMRC for more than 15 years and has many thousands of happy users. You can easily get on board and fulfill your Payroll and AE needs securely, quickly, and with full HMRC and Pension Regulation compliance.

Your RTI returns to HMRC are auto-compiled and e-filing can be completed with the click of the mouse. You can choose to have secure electronic self-service payslips or traditional printed out payslips, or both. Many useful reports are also provided.

The Auto Enrolment (AE) process under Payroo has been made simple. You do not need to do any additional processing for your AE obligation. After each pay run the AE assessment will be done automatically and AE letters generated for eligible job holders. The non-eligible job holders, entitled workers and opt in letters are also generated for you.

AE contribution files for respective Pension providers are provided too.

Salary Sacrifice, saving both the employer and the employee tax and NIC contributions, is also provided with easy set up.

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Tested to work Flawless on:


postgre SQL
microsoft windows


A few of our features


Payroll via the Internet
You can sign up with us and run your payroll securely from any Internet point, be it from your office, your home, or on the move 24/7. No more CD's to install and the payroll and Auto Enrolment package are always professionally managed and updated over the cloud to keep your calculations up to date.

HMRC RTI eReturns
At the end of each pay run process the relevant RTI forms to be e-filed will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file to HMRC. With just a few clicks of the mouse your returns will be submitted to HMRC. The range of RTI returns include FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU.

Payroo's Web Payroll provides comprehensive reports for all the statutory requirements and additional costing reports. In addition to the routine comprehensive reports, the system further provides all the key data in CSV files ready for you to export. You can create further reports based on the exported data in an Excel file.