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Customer Testimonials / Comments

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Below are a few of the testimonials we’ve received from our customers:

- Barrie Kay

"Quick and easy with excellent support... couldn't ask for more!"

- Robert Higson
 Robert Higson Opticians

"Your support for my request was rapid and effective. Payroo is excellent. Thank you."

- Roger Hardiman
 RJH Technical Consultancy Ltd

"I'm have a small company and had used HMRC Basic Tools and an excel template to run the pay role.
I've switched to Payroo. It is really easy to use (as easy as Basic Tools) and I'm glad I've made the switch."

- Steve Turner
 Galaxy Coaching

" The email response was very quick and extremely helpful. This is a very efficient service "

- Ann Mills
 Grange Park Pre-School

" Payroo is a very reliable system for salaries for big and small companies. "

- Elaine
 Safe-Lift (Wales) Ltd

" Find Payroo very straight forward and accurate. "

- Sarah Temple
 Finance Director
 Medical Management Systems Ltd

" We have been using Payroo for over two years now. We never have any problems with it and it does everything we want it to do. We simply post the weekly/monthly debits/credits to our Nominal Ledger manually each month - so, any accounts package suppliers who read this - why not suggest an automatic link - to make Payroo ultra perfect. "

- Rytis Ozolas
 Ozzas Security Systems LTD

" Very good product. Using over 2 years and no problems. With having no clues how to run a book keeping Payroo does it all for me :) Great... "

- Geoffrey Brown
 Park and Brown Optometrists Ltd

" I had the choice between using a package that I downloaded to my computer and updating it when required or using Payroo's "cloud" based software. I chose Payroo and have never looked back. I was a little nervous about not having the information on my own computer. However I simply print out a monthly report as a back up. The software does need a bit of payroll experience but is generally very easy to use."

- Heather Simpson
 Wildes Accountants

"After using Quickbooks for years, their tactics to get everyone on to a £50/mth DD 'with free software' left me without a payroll system overnight. I do a few small payrolls but could not pass this cost on to clients. A late night search found Payroo which sounded too good to be true but all clients were easily reloaded from 06/04/12 and we are all very happy with the results. Payroo is intuitive to use and as an ex-software tester I haven't spotted any problems yet. Thank you Payroo."

- Denise McCann
 Happy Bears Nursery

"Great product - easy to use and great customer service"

- Jane Dodgeon

"This is the only payroll software I have found that is compatible with MAC. It is simple to use and I would recommend it to anyone."

- Jeremy Smith
  Time Out, Thame

"Payroo provide a comprehensive and professional payroll system that is also really easy to use"

- Keith Williams

"Have used the system live now for a while and have to say very impressed. Very professional and the Help videos are great. Would have no hesitation in recommending the system to others (in fact have told many people about it). Just keep up the good work!"

- Tracy Thomason
 Thomason Travel

"I have just started using the system and am finding it very good."

- Parvin Jalota
 Norton Canes Surgery

"Excellent software -been using for several years . Very easy to learn and help desk really good for issues that need resolving. Thoroughly recommend this service"

- Andy Sheppard
  Vuvumo Ltd

"Payroo is an easy to use, invaluable time saver with a comprehensive feature set - ideal for small business payroll, P11D preparation etc"

- Geoff Long
  Assn of Young People with M.E. Ltd

"My query was one which could have been answered by referring to the FAQ. You were kind enough not to make an issue of this, but your guidance to resolve my problem was clear, complete and most helpful. Thank you"

- David Leibling

"The help desk is always very prompt in replying and the answers are always spot on."

- Mrs D Reed
  Sebastopol Inn Minting Ltd

"Very good product."

- Denise McCann
  Happy Bears Nursery

"I had a problem with finding information - I emailed customer service and received a reply within the hour- issue resolved. Very Happy"

- Robert Higson
  Robert Higson Opticians

"Excellent service from a payroll system which works better than the one I paid over £200 a year to maintain. The help files and facility of use made it easy to transfer from my old system. The automatic updates save reinstalling new software each year, I am no longer dependent on a single installation, and end of year submission to HMRC is just a click of the mouse. Thank you Payroo."

- Susie Pitt
  Susie's Tea Rooms

"My email support query was answered extremely quickly with a full and clear explanation. Thank you"

- Ian Dunn
 La Bella Bridal

"Fed up with annual and really unnecessary upgrades from Sxxx that have to be paid for (or else!!!) I found this website and now use it religiously. I find it so user friendly that anyone can be quickly trained into using it. No more upgrades, changing tax codes and NIns rates. A Godsend."

- Ian Hobday

"I have just run through the year end process using Payroo for the second year. It is a pity I do not know anyone who needs such a service as I find it provides all I need, the guidance notes are excellent and the demos of the actions to take at the year-end give you complete confidence in what you are about to do. Well done.An added bonus this year has been that I was able to process the payroll while I was away in South Africa using just my laptop and an Internet connection!"

- Christine Jardine
 Bakie Consulting

"I've struggled to get simple answers from my accountants over the last 6 years, but I was worried about taking over the admin myself. But Payroo has made it all so straightforward, putting me in control."

- Charles Hailes
 Coinage Limited

"I have been using Payroo for over a year and could not be more pleased. It is fast and a pleasure to use, unlike the big brand we used before. End of year process is excellent and easy. I have already recommended it to a colleague and would do so again!"

- Jude Barnes
 Admin / Accounts
 G S Auto Tech

"Have been using Payroo for a while now (after using Sage for many years) and am so impressed with it.
1. You can do your payroll from any computer as its online - a great big plus if you are the only one who does the payroll and need to work from home and (as long as you have internet access) going away for a few days is no problem.
2. The helpline is fast & friendly
3. No need to buy stationary
Would and have recommend"

- J Conde
 Eagle Financial Services Ltd

"I have now been using this software for 6 months. It is great, easy to use with smooth HMRC integration. Previous problems with payroll have been solved."

- Mark Fielden
  M A Fielden and Company Ltd

"Payroo is great! Just completed first year end - dead easy. Called support last month - prompt, patient, polite, informative - no queue. I thoroughly recommend Payroo."

- Waseem

"So far so good.
I am extremely impressed with your site. So easy to use and and very quick to perform tasks."

- Judith Nicholls

"I am just starting out with Payroo after using Sage 50 Payroll for several years and so far I am really impressed with the package and find it much more intuitive than Sage. So far so good. Thank you. "

- Ray Smith
  Billinghay Community Swimming Pool

"I started using Payroo for 2009-2010 tax year and have found it easy to use, feature rich and at a cost that is acceptable to a small voluntary organisation. It has everything needed to successfully deal with all our payroll requirements and more! I cannot recommend this product and service too highly. "

- Ann Tether
  Administration Officer
  Leominster District Community Association

"Started using Payroo for this financial year, so much better than paid for system used before. Very easy to use, roll-back is great. I have passed information on to our auditor and have let other small charities know about it. Keep up the good work. Thank you. "

- Michelle Price
  Eden Beauty Room

"Thank you so much! Payroo's payroll is a great help for me as a new employer with only 1 employee and its easy to use."

- Victoria Holmes

"Being from the Community and Voluntary sector, we were dreading having to complete a payroll, we have to say that your system is fantastic, every step is explained and you can check your work as you go, it is also very easy to roll back the detail and start again if you need to. We did try another payroll system but just could not get on with it, it was so complex to organise. We just wanted to say thank you so very much, you have made a small Community group very happy."

- Ron Atkinson
  Senior Partner
  Wrexham Professional Services

" Many thanks Payroo. I can truly say that at times I do not know how I would have manged without you. "

- Stephen Brosnahan
  Connections Ltd

" Thanks very much for Payroo it has saved us lots of time and money not to mention hassle. We did not have a clue about Paye when we turned our partnership to Ltd 10 months ago but Payroo has done it all for us. Once again thank you very much will most certainly recommend you to others. "

- Carole Theyer

" Your payroll system is fantastic, very easy to use and your system has saved me so much time. Thank you. "

- Elaine MacTavish

" I would just like to take this opportunity to say how brilliant your payroll system is. I have only recently set up my business and I was going to pay an accountant to take care of my payroll but your system is so easy there was no need. It produces all the relevant documents required by HMRC and my employees. "

- Janfaber

" I have been running a company for only one year and have never run a payroll before. I have found Payroo an excellent package for a small company with only 12 employees. Easy to follow, Intuitive and the support from the technical people on the few occasions I have required, it has been both speedy and easy to follow. I would thoroughly recommend this software for small companies. "

- David Lawrence
  Grant McGregor Ltd.

" The payroo service provides us with the means to efficiently manage our PAYE on line with out the worry of NI and TAX calculations that goes with a paper process. This saves us time and hassle to allow us to Concentrate on our service to our clients and not to the Inland Revenue. 9 out 10. "

- Owen Kennedy
  Gateway Church.

" I do the payroll for a charity, and every penny counts. Used to do it all manually until I heard about Payroo - Found it easy to use and the electronic filing at the end of the year was great.

I would recommend Payroo to anyone! "

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