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Payroo P11D Professional

Suitable up to a maximum of 5000 employees. Ideal for Small / Medium sized Companies.'s P11D Professional enables you to process and e-file your company's Expenses & Benefits over the Internet or Intranet. This will save you from having to install maintain upto date P11D software on your own PC. Simply log on to the Internet and you can instantly process your P11D in accordance with the latest IR legislation. E-filing your annual P11D, P11D (b), as well as the quarterly P46 (car) returns, involves just a few clicks of the mouse over the net.

Reports for your P11D, P11D(b) and P46 (car) etc. can be viewed instantly over the net and printed to any printer in PDF format. The system adopts state of the art SSL security technology, which is widely used in the banking industry, to protect your P11D process over the internet.

Each and every benefit calculation, from Benefit A to Benefit N, has been correctly tested against the HMRC's latest available test scenarios and fully complies with the HMRC's Quality Standard.