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Comprehensive Automatic Enrolment

auto enrolment

Auto Enrolment is a government initiative planned to benefit employees save for their retirement. Under the initiative, employers are liable to enroll their employees who meet suitable/qualifying criteria onto a workplace pension scheme.

“Payroo's Cloud Payroll is designed adhering closely with The Pensions Regulator to Ease your transit to Auto Enrolment.”

Payroo's Cloud Payroll empowers you to prepare for Automatic Enrolment with ease, We enable you to Assess your employees and manage communication effectively. We provide you a platform to make action plans, calculate costs of Auto Enrolment and keep track of preparations in the Pensions Scheme.

Payroo's Cloud Payroll believes that every business is different, so we offer a state of art tailored approach to auto enrolment. Our auto enrolment solution will be updated in line with any changes to the legislation so you can relax in the knowledge that the information you are providing is accurate, taking the worry out of submission.

Payroo's Auto Enrolment provides the following features:

- Automatically enroll your employees into appropriate pension schemes with minimal effort.

- Provides you with the ability to effectively define qualifying earnings and pensionable pay, making it easy to assess your employees with the complex auto enrolment regulations.

- Transfer of employee Data between payroll and pension provider is simplified.

- Connecting employers with their workforce through a sophisticated mailbox system that can efficiently interact assessment options.

- Employees can easily communicate their opt-in and opt-out requests with this mailbox.

- Resolve your pension queries through our free Educative knowledge base “FAQs / Demos”.

- Pension schemes setup is quick & easy with Payroo's Cloud Payroll.

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