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Internet Payroll Star

Suitable up to a maximum of 5000 employees. Ideal for Small Companies.

Internet Payroll is a payroll with auto enrolment solution. You can begin to process your UK payroll once you have signed up with Internet Payroll Star. You can easily get on board and fulfil your Payroll and AE needs securely, quickly, and with full HMRC and Pension Regulation compliance. This 100% web based payroll is an HMRC RTI PAYE recognised payroll. No software installation required. You can run this web based payroll from home, your office, or even from abroad. All you need is an Internet connection or a mobile app. Internet Payroll is very user friendly with intuitive driven screens. You can master your UK payroll very quickly.

Internet Payroll provides a comprehensive e-filing system to the HMRC. Updating your tax codes from P6, P9 or annual tax code change notices is automatic with this payroll service. Newly incorporated salary sacrifice module in the package help you to save your tax in a better way.