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Payroo Multi-Office

Suitable up to a max 3 sites / aggregated total 5000 employees. Run an entire network of office's Payroll over the Internet.

Payroo’s Multi-Office is more than a payroll software. It is a cloud based Payroll and Auto Enrolment (AE) combined system allowing you to complete your weekly, monthly or other pay frequency pay runs and AE from anywhere on a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart phone.

Our Payroo Multi-Office is for companies who have multiple branches / offices. Each office can process their timesheets independently and then submit them to Head Office for approval. Once approved, payslips can be printed centrally or at each site. The P45 forms can be managed in a similar manner. You can sign up right now and instantly begin to process your own, and your other office’s payroll, on-line. No software installation is required. You can run your payroll from home, your office, or even from abroad. All you need is an Internet connection. What is so unique about the package is that it allows your employees to sign in and amend their own address and emergency contact details on-line. Employees can also view their payslips, P60, P11D and other details, on-line. The package is very user friendly with intuitive driven screens. You can master your payroll very quickly.

Payroo provides e-filing for your P45s, and also allows you to update your tax codes from P6, P9 or annual tax code changes automatically. Newly incorporated salary sacrifice module in the package help you to save your tax in a better way.