It is never easy to announce a price increase and we have made every effort to avoid this for many years, however our policy of generating revenue through advertisements is no longer a viable option and we must now begin charging all our users for our offered services.

We will be invoicing on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis. Your first invoice under this new pricing system will be issued on/around 6th February 2019 for your usage during January 2019.

Important Notes:

  1. When you make a payment by Internet Banking or BACs please enter the Invoice number because without this reference we may not be able to determine who is paying us and will not be able to update the correct account. The Invoice number can be seen on the outstanding Invoices List page in the Invoicing system.

  2. Payment by cheque or Internet banking and BACs will incur an additional £10 admin fee per payment. Please pay by Direct Debit or Pay Pal to avoid the extra £10 administration cost.

  3. All Invoices will be issued as proforma invoices initially. Once payment is made the proforma will then convert and become a full invoice. You may view and print your invoices at any time from your payroll account.

Price Category No. of Employees Cost
A 1 - 2 Employees £ 5 / month
B 3 - 5 Employees £ 10 / month
C 6 - 9 Employees £ 15 / month
D 10 - 15 Employees £ 25 / month
E 16 - 20 Employees £ 30 / month
F 21 - 30 Employees £ 40 / month
G 31 - 50 Employees £ 50 / month
H 51 - 80 Employees £ 60 / month
I 81 - 100 Employees £ 70 / month
J 100 - 120 Employees £ 80 / month
K 121 - 150 Employees £ 100 / month
L 151 - 200 Employees £ 120 / month
M 200 - 300 Employees £ 150 / month
N 300 - 500 Employees £ 200 / month
O 500+ Employees £ 0.5 per employee per month
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.
No hidden extra charges.

The counting of the number of sub-contractors charged for is based on the number of sub-contractors E-Filed per tax month in your CIS300 Monthly Returns. The price includes FREE sub-contractor verification requests and downloading and various reports.

Will be Free until further notice.

- All charges are regardless of pay frequency; be it weekly, monthly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly, quarterly or annual.
- The number of employees charged for each month will be counted by the number of Active employees*.
- Invoices will be issued monthly on/around the 6th of each month based on the previous month's usage (between 6th to 5th of every month).

To make the change a little easier for you, you will not be charged for your usage of our services during the period April 2018 to December 2018.

We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Price example 1: Assuming you have 100 employees,some paid weekly and some paid monthly, but you only processed the wages for 60 of them during the month, the charge for that month will be £60 + VAT for that month.

If in the following month 82 of the employees were processed, the charge for that month will be £70 + VAT for that month

Price example 2: Assuming you have 3 weekly and 1 monthly employees and only 2 were processed at any time in that month, the charge will be £5 + VAT for that month.

* MONTHLY ACTIVE EMPLOYEE is defined with the following criteria

Thank you for your attention,
Support Team