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Gained HMRC RTI Payroll Recognition
Gained HMRC RTI Payroll Recognition You can sign up for  traditional payroll or RTI Payroll Now

5000+ EMPLOYEES       

  Suitable for Unlimited clients / aggregated total 5000 employees. Ideal for running a Pay Bureau Service.
  With's Free Payroll Bureau you can sign up right now and instantly begin to process
your payroll on-line. No software installation is
required. You can run your payroll from home,
your office, or even from abroad at any time. All
you need is an Internet connection. Your clients can submit their timesheets over the Internet and instantly view their draft payslips and pay data. No time consuming approval process is needed. You can overwrite your client's data and issue the final payslips. All this can be done over the Internet. What is so unique about the package is that it allows your clients' employees to sign in and amend their own address and emergency contact details on-line. Employees can also view their payslips, P60, P11D and other details on-line. The package is very user friendly with intuitive driven screens. And all this ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Free Payroll provides free e-filing for your P45s and P46s, and also allows you to update your tax codes from P6, P9 or annual tax code changes automatically. However, the e-filing of end of year P14 and P35 returns is only available to subscribed users.

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